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About us

"Autex" Ltd was founded on April 26, 1993. Company primary operates in the industrial machinery sector.

Since 1998, the company is the official distributor in Latvia and Lithuania for one of the leading industrial engine manufacturers - "Perkins Engines Company" Ltd (Great Britain). "Autex" Ltd provides regular engine maintenance, after-sales service, spare parts, and overhauls. To ensure the continuous operation of the equipment, we offer carry out repairs.

In 2010. was founded, "Autex Lietuva" Ltd as a result we are able to provide the same level of service to both the Latvian and the Lithuanian territory.
Over the years, we have started cooperation in power industry "Green Power Systems" SRL (Italy), "Stamegna F.LLI" SRL (Italy) and "Generga" UAB thus, we can offer high quality Generator sets manufactured in Europe.

To expand the range of offered products, we started cooperation with the starter and generator supplier "Wood Auto Supplies" Ltd (Great Britain) and the filter manufacturer "SF Filter AG" (Switzerland).

  • Exhibition "RUDENS 2017''
    Exhibition "RUDENS 2017''

    "RUDENS 2017” ("Autumn 2017") - 26th International Exhibition of Agricultural and Forestry Equipment.

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  • Exhibition "Pavasaris 2017"
    Exhibition "PAVASARIS 2017"

    "PAVASARIS 2017” ("Spring 2017") - 25th International Exhibition of Agricultural, Animal Husbandry and Gardening.

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  • Exhibition "PAVASARIS 2016"
    Exhibition "PAVASARIS 2016"

    "PAVASARIS 2016” ("Spring 2016") - 24th International Exhibition of Agriculture, Forestry and Gardening.

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  • Exhibition "PAVASARIS 2015”
    Exhibition "PAVASARIS 2015”

    We were participating in 23. international exhibition "PAVASARIS 2015” 9. - 12. April.

    It's one of the largest agricultural, forestry and horticultural exhibition in Latvia. There are more than 310 participants and more than 13000 visitors every year.
    Venue: Exhibition Complex “Rāmava” (Valdlauči, Ķekavas pag., Latvija).

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  • AUTEX Latvia new office
    AUTEX Latvia new office

    Dear customers and suppliers, we would like to bring your attention that Autex Latvia have moved into our new office building (office address, telephone number and opening hours remain the same).

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  • Exhibition "PAVASARIS 2014"
    Exhibition "PAVASARIS 2014"

    We were participating in 22. international exhibition "PAVASARIS 2014” 3. - 6. april.

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